Please join Rabbi Debra for the following public events:

SHABBAT, Congregation B'nai Israel
Fridays, 8 PM, Saturday's 10 AM,
53 Palisade Ave., Emerson, NJ.
Rabbi Orenstein and Cantor Lenny Mandel conduct. (Also check our High Holidays schedule.) Please check the synagogue calendar, as times and even locations for services sometimes vary. For information call 201-265-2272 or go to:

SEMINAR Spiritual Conversations: Peace Amidst the Turmoil
Thursday, September 11, 7:30 PM - 9 PM,
Congregation B'nai Israel, 53 Palisade Ave., Emerson, NJ.
Rockets are raining down on Israel; the Israeli army is in Gaza, and fear and death are in the air. Even if the current crisis does resolve peacefully, the average 13 year-old child living in the south of Israel has already had to run to a bomb shelter (with 15 seconds of warning) upwards of 700 times in his or her lifetime. How do we cultivate peace outside the political arena? What social, emotional, and spiritual attitudes and behaviors will help us achieve peace in our neighborhoods, in the Jewish community, with Palestinians, and in our own hearts? Is “a year of peace” in your prayers this year? How can we realize that dream? Seminar is open to the general public. Information at: