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Harmonies for the High Holidays

With thanks to Raphael Orenstein, composer, whose voice you will hear on the recordings of melody, harmony, and both together, for the first two recordings. 

AL SHLOSHA DEVARIM – Source Mishna Avot 1:2

Al shloSHA devaREEM (2x)                      The world stands                                   Al shloSHA, shloSHA devaREEM              on three things:                           Ha'oLAM, ha'oLAM oMED                                                                                            On Torah                                              On Torah                                              Al hatoRAH, ve'al ha'avoDAH                On Service (i.e., work & worship)      Ve'al gemiLOOT cha-sah-DEEM. (2x)   And on deeds of Lovingkindness

Audio Links:

Al Shlosha Melody

Al Shlosha Harmony

Al Shlosha Melody & Harmony Together

AMAR RABBI AKIVA - Source: Sifra B 16:11 and Leviticus 19:18

AhMAR RaBEE AkiVA (2x)               Rabbi Akiva said,

Ve'aHAVta l'REYaCHA kamoCHA    "Love your neighbor as yourself"

Zeh klal gaDOL, gaDOL batoRAH,   is a great [primary] principle of Torah           Zeh klal gaDOL batoRAH

Audio Links:

Akiva Melody

Akiva Harmony

Akiva Melody & Harmony Together

SIM SHALOM (to the melody of Dona Nobis Pacem)                           (Source: Amidah Prayer)

Seem ShaLOM TOE-va oo-VRA-cha,                                                       Seem SHAlom TOE-va OO-vra-cha. 

Seem SHAlom TOE-va oo-VRA-cha.                                                      
Seem SHAlom TOE-va OO-vra-cha.

Seem SHAlom TOE-va oo-VRA-cha.                                                      
Seem SHAlom TOE-va OO-vra-cha.

Bestow peace, goodness, and blessing!

Audio: You can hear the three parts separately and together on YouTube.