Purim is always so much fun. We at RabbiDebra.com hope you enjoyed and made the most of it this year. As one holiday passes, we start to think about the next one: Passover.

Rabbi Debra Orenstein and her friend & colleague, the wonderful Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, have recorded a special seminar course for Pesach, entitled When the Soul Asks "When Do We Eat?:" Spiritual Preparation for Your Passover Seder. The original course was so well received that we decided to offer it as a download.

Click on the link for a special message from Reb Zalman - as well as information, reviews of the course by those who have already participated, and registration. All profits from this seminar benefit Debra's home congregation, Makom Ohr Shalom.

Make this year your best and most deeply felt Passover ever! Start your preparation with these two extraordinary teachers. Click here to find out more!