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Receiving blessings and giving thanks as a spiritual practice

“Say thank you,” your mother or father may have prompted you as a child. But it turns out that expressing gratitude is more than polite. Social science has shown that feeling and communicating gratitude have countless physical and psychological benefits. It’s not just that happy people are, naturally enough, grateful. Gratitude causes people to become happier. Not only does gratitude get the “seal of approval” from Mom and from positive psychology, it is steeped in and supported by ancient spiritual teachings and practices. Gratitude is attainable – and contagious. You don’t have to deny the real problems in your life or in the world at large. What may at first seem elusive can become a natural, habitual, and vibrant source of joy.

The 2-CD set includes a special bonus track, a remarkable additional full-length sermon, not offered on the downloadable version (2-CD set $16.95).

Finding the urgency and patience we need to truly change

What does it take to really change: to repent, repair, and renew? If criticism were an effective motivator, we would all already be completely enlightened and transformed. How can we find abundant reserves of patience, hope, energy —and real forgiveness? The Jewish tradition teaches about teshuvah, returning to God and our true selves. On this flagship inaugural CD, Rabbi Debra Orenstein draws from sacred texts and contemporary interpretation, offering guidance that uplifts—and really works! ($12.95)

Keeping lovingkindness and God’s grace in the foreground

We all agree that kindness and compassion make the world a better place. Yet, somehow, insults (real or imagined) and impositions (or were they opportunities for service?) become our excuse for responding ungraciously. On this CD Rabbi Debra Orenstein exemplifies compassion as she addresses the sins of others and our own shadow sides. She covers challenges to compassion ranging from poor grocery store etiquette to suicide bombings. Her lessons and stories will open your heart, elevate your spirit, and truly improve your world. ($12.95)

Cultivating reverence for God, life, and the spiritual work before us

What if we could live in a constant state of awe? Awe opens our hearts, sharpens our senses, and connects us with something larger than ourselves. Awe also demands something from us. It is not enough to admire; we need to respond. With warmth, honesty, erudition, and her trademark humor, Rabbi Debra Orenstein offers teachings that both inspire awe and challenge us to live awesome lives. What will we choose to do and be? What values will we support? How can we use our time not just efficiently, but well? This CD gives you the motivation and the tools to respond. ($12.95)

<strong>Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi</strong> is fortunate to offer exclusive teaching CD’s from Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, the eminent founder of the Jewish Renewal movement who passed away early in 2014. Reb Zalman joined Rabbi Debra to co-officiate at High Holidays for fourteen years. Recorded live at those services, these recordings allow you to take and keep Reb Zalman with you in your office, car, or home. Click on the CD's to purchase.


Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi taught and wrote extensively on prayer, inspiring hundreds of thousands of Jews and gentiles with his wisdom. This CD is not a guide, seminar, or manual. It is not about prayer. It is prayer. Reb Zalman offers and introduces prayers, in the midst of a prayer service. He sets intentions and sings praises that lead you into prayer with him. This CD also features a prayer sung by Reb Zalman’s boyhood friend, Theodore Bikel. Listen and be uplifted! ($12.95)


Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi’s teachings cover an astonishing array of life’s most important questions: How can I cultivate joy? What shall I do with my fear of death? How can I live up to my best intentions? How can I deepen my connection with God and with people? More impressive than the august topics is the way Reb Zalman brings them to life, giving his listeners clarity, hope, and courage. With humor, poetry, erudition, unforgettable analogies, and, most of all, the shining example of his own soul, Reb Zalman not only teaches us, he reaches us. ($12.95)

Debra's books are also available for purchase through her publisher, Jewish Lights.