Four New Questions
For Discussion Around Your Seder Table

1. During Yachatz, when you break the middle matzah (of three) for the afikomen, ask a new question. The word afikomen comes from the Greek and originally meant either “what comes at the end” (hence, dessert) or after-dinner revelry, music, and party.

New Question #1: What is broken, which you can have a hand in fixing? Or, similarly, how can you turn something that is sad into a celebration in the end?

2. Before you sing Avadim Hayinu (shortly after the original four questions) ask a new question. Avadim Hayinu says “We were slaves; now we are free.”

New Question #2: How have you gained in freedom, or helped others gain freedom, in the last year?

3. Before Hallel (following the eating of the afikomen and Grace After Meals), ask a new question. Hallel means praise, and includes many psalms and songs of praise for and gratitude to God.

New Question #3: What are you grateful for on this seder night?

4. After you sing L’shana Haba’ah Biyerushalayim (toward the end of the seder), ask a new question. L’shana Haba’ah Biyerushalayim means “next year in Jerusalem” and conveys the hope that the whole world will be redeemed and at peace by next year.

New Question #4: What can you do that will make the coming year better – more free, more peaceful – for you and for others?


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