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How to Change: A Step-by-Step Reminder Card

Do One Thing Different


Growth By - & Because Of - Parents

Jewish Parenting

Sharing the Road

Transformation Now Cover

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We Need The Minyan

Where is God?


Mindfulness: Presence & Perspective

Presence and Perspective in Parenting

Deep Down, You Already Know

Crazy Busy

Waiting is Inevitable: How Will You Choose to Wait?:  Biblical Approaches and Options

We Need The Minyan

Write It Down?



Meditations on Miracles

Meditations on Gratitude for the Earth

Meditations on Nature

Shabbat Candlelighting Meditation

Meditations & Writing Exercises on Repentance (Viddui/Ashamnu)

Meditation for Parashat Shoftim: Justice
Meditation for Parashat Ki Teytzey: Peace
Meditation for Parashat Ki Tavo: Creation
Meditation for Parashat Netzavim: Gaining Perspective

Reviewing Your Year: Meditating on One Month Each Day for the 12 Days Before Rosh Hashanah (Chai Elul)

Meditations and Writing Exercises on Reb Nachman's "Rules" for Joy
These meditations and writing exercises are based on quotations from Reb Nachaman of Bratslav, who notoriously suffered from terrible depression. I call them Reb Nachman’s “Rules for Joy” because these were rules to live by for Reb Nachman and his followers. If there are people who constantly live in a state of joy, they have no need for such instructions. For the rest of us, this wisdom is indispensable.

Questions for Meditation on Gratitude
These questions are prompts for your own reflection. They can also be shared and discussed around the Thanksgiving Holiday table, or to express gratitude on Sukkot, Shabbat, or other joyous occasions.

All our CDs include guided meditations. Teachings, sermons and stories on the CDs can also be used for meditation and affecting contemplation. Click here to order CDs and here to download the audio.

Guided Meditations
Mindfulness Articles
Joy & Happiness
Community & Friendship

 Positive Religion

The Future of Religion
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