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What Could Make a Person Feel Grateful Right Now?

a responsive reading inspired by answers from the Hebrew School students of Congregation Bnai Israel, Emerson, NJ
prepared by Rabbi Debra Orenstein

Thanksgiving food reminds me to give thanks.


Think of apple pie, pumpkin pie, stuffing, and turkey. Thank you, God, for the bounty.


Thank you to all the people who will prepare, invite, cook, drive, arrive, and celebrate.


Writing a thank you card makes me feel grateful.


Thank you, God, for the generosity of friends, for the ability to write, for the opportunity to give thanks.


Giving tzedakah reminds me of how much I have.


Thank you, God, for the opportunity to share and to help someone else.


When someone else shares with me, I am grateful, too.


Thank you to my community for food at the oneg, any small gift, or just a smile.


When I say the morning blessings, or my own prayers in English, or the single word “baruch,” I remember that I am blessed.


People would feel grateful if they didn’t take their luxuries for granted, like having a house or a television.


“But that’s not a luxury!”


“Oh, yes, it is.”


Amen. Oh, yes, it is.

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