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Happy Endings

Please take a moment to thank yourself for participating in this series (gratitude) – and to encourage yourself about the good future you are creating (hope).

Today’s exercise:

  1. First, and as quickly as you can (two minutes or less), write down three times in your past when things have worked out well, despite significant obstacles, worries, and/or fears. Whatever first comes to mind is great.

Now, spend approximately 13 minutes thinking and writing about the following questions for your three happy outcomes:

  1. How much did you exercise agency – setting goals, making choices, generating options, responding to changing circumstances?

  2. How much did you exercise acceptance – waiting, placing hope in a power greater than yourself, “borrowing” hope and accepting help from others when you perceived limits on your ability to move forward?

  3. What strengths of your own did you draw on?

  4. What support and outside resources did you benefit from?

“Hope is God whispering in your ear.”

– Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Wishing you joy in this moment and in the anticipation of a good future,

Rabbi Debra


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