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I read a snide but funny post. A man, presumably (but maybe not) living in Korea wrote: "Korea is the 3rd biggest-hit country from Covid-19, and we still have toilet paper. The moral of the story is: people are idiots."

I wouldn't go so far as to say that Americans have behaved stupidly across the board. Yes, some of us have hoarded and overstocked out of fear. But some of us have merely wisely prepared to stay in place. And, given the uncertainty in how the spread of the virus will play out, we can be forgiven for not knowing exactly where the line is between those two attitudes.

But even more than we need to stock up, we need to take stock. More than we need to go back again to the store, we need to restore. Restore our equanimity. Restore our love for our neighbors as ourselves. Restore civil discourse. Restore spiritual as well as physical well-being.

What can you do today that will be restorative for yourself?

What can you do today that will be restorative for someone else?

- Rabbi Debra Orenstein


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